Recruitment 2024

Mural Painting and Stained Glass Studio

Head of the studio:

prof. Jacek Zdybel


dr Anna Waligórska


Monograph of the Studio of Mural Painting and Stained Glass of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk – see here


The Studio of Mural Painting and Stained Glass is part of the Department of Artistic Specialisations at the Faculty of Painting. Second-year students can participate in the studio’s classes during the first semester (getting acquainted with the technologies of classical wall painting). If they wish, they can come for the third year and stay until graduation. They can prepare a diploma or an annex to their diploma. The education process is based on exercises, lectures and corrections (individual conversations with students), whose degree of complication increases along with the technological and factual knowledge gained. The programme of the studio takes into account individual artistic and characterological predispositions of students. During the third and fourth year, students have the opportunity to direct their interests, for which purpose the exercises cover various artistic forms in the field of wall painting and stained glass. It is equally important in the learning process to take into account the necessity of cooperation (usually in the form of teamwork) between the students and third parties (technical staff, clients, acceptance committees, etc.). The process of task realisation is usually preceded by getting acquainted with the already existing realisations – historical analysis, preparation of preliminary projects, discussion (correction), preparation of the project (or selection of the best project in the case of teamwork) and realisation. Depending on the chosen technique, the time to finish the task may be extended into the next semesters. In the summer months, outdoor workshops are organised (the studio undertakes tasks outside the structures of the Academy in the field of wall painting and stained glass). Fifth-year students are treated individually, and those who intend to prepare a diploma or an annex to their diploma should themselves specify their chosen artistic issue and work on it based on their previous experience.