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Recruitment Rules for Foreigners

Recruitment Rules for Foreigners

All courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk are conducted in Polish.

To apply for admission to Bachelor's degree studies (first cycle studies) and Master's degree studies (long-cycle studies), it is enough to pass the maturity exam – a matriculation certificate with a positive result. The items and the number of points obtained are not taken into account. Only the results obtained during the entrance exams decide about admission to studies.

Master degree studies (second-cycle studies) are intended for candidates with higher education (diploma of completion of first-cycle studies, long cycle studies), regardless of the completed field of study.

Persons who are not Polish citizens, hereinafter referred to as foreigners, may undertake and pursue studies under the terms on set out in article 43 of the Act on Higher Education.

Listed below are the rules for undertaking and pursuing studies. 

Open the appropriate link to find out more about recruitment.

  • under the rules binding for Polish citizens – download
  • on the basis of the decision of the minister responsible for higher education – download
  • on the basis of the decision of the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts – download
  • on the basis of international agreements under the terms of these agreements – download
  • on the basis of agreements concluded between the university and foreign entities, in accordance with the terms set out in those agreements – download

Step by step instructions


Ministry of Science and Higher Education
Website for international students, where you can find many useful information and information about additional scholarships

Preparatory polish language courses:

Degrees recognition and nostrification:

IRK (Internet Recruitement System for the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk):

Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are paid on the basis of an individual agreement with an accepted student and are set by the Rector. Tuition fees are paid each semester. The cost of one semester at each Faculty and Inter-faculty institute, on the first-cycle studies, second-cycle studies and long-cycle studies costs 2750 EUR. One semester of studies at doctoral (PhD) level costs 2000 EUR.

Rector’s regulations regarding tuition fees and the template of an agreement can be downloaded here:

There are extra registry costs that are paid once during the recruitment procedures.

Entry exams

Entry exams are hold and coordinated autonomously by each of the faculty.

To find out about the requirements, procedures, exams schedules, regulations and entry limits, browse information at the link below, selecting the education path that you are interested in.