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Quality of Education

Quality of education

Resolutions and orders of the Rector

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Course-specific learning outcomes

Resolution No. 52/2019 – download download

Course-specific learning outcomes 2020/2021 – download


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Art in public space


Faculty Team for the Quality of Education

dr Anna Waligórska 
prof. ASP dr hab. Aleksandra Jadczuk 
prof. dr hab. Jacek Kornacki 
dr Daniel Cybulski 
prof. ASP dr hab. Przemysław Łopaciński 
dr Filip Ignatowicz 
prof. dr hab. Józef Czerniawski
prof. dr hab. Maria Targońska
Barbara Kuchnowska 


Teacher observation procedure

Teacher observation procedure at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk 

Annex 1 – individual teacher observation protocol 

Annex 2 – collective teacher observation protocol (prepared by Head of Department or Head of Institute for WZJK) 

Annex 3 – teacher observation report for KZDJK 

Annex 4 – teacher observation evaluation sheet 

Annex 5 – individual employee observation record