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For the good start

The right to use the Library's collections is acquired at the moment of registering with an employee of the Library after presenting the student's ID or ID with photo and after reading the Regulations and signing the statement – the reader's declaration attached to the Library's Regulations.

The use of the Library's collections is free, but the following:

The library charges fees for failure to return borrowed library materials on time. The amount of the fee is set by the Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in the form of an order.

Priority in access to the book collection is granted to the employees of the Academy of Fine Arts, students and doctoral students of the Academy of Fine Arts, post-graduate students, students participating in the international exchange and cooperation programs, ERASMUS+ program, and scientific employees bound by a civil law contract with the Academy of Fine Arts.

Signing up

When registering, a person who intends to use the Library's collections is required to give their name and surname, address of residence, series and number of the ID document, and present a student ID, ID card or other photo ID to verify the accuracy of the data provided.

Sharing collections

The ASP Library reading room is open to everyone interested in its collections.

The document entitling to borrow outside is the library card and active account in the Virtua system.

Detailed rules of collections being available and the rules for using the reading room and rooms library are in the Library Regulations.

Reader's responsibility

Readers are financially responsible for any damage caused to the library materials.

After receiving the ordered library materials, the Reader should immediately check whether they contain any damage (underscores, stains, missing or loose cards, etc.), and if they are found, report it to the Library employee.

The use of library materials to the extent exceeding the limits of fair use within the meaning of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights is possible only after the conclusion of an appropriate agreement with the entity authorized under property copyrights.

The library does not charge fees for granting licenses for the use of shared digital copies made from own collections.

The library does not give permission to publish shared digital copies and is not responsible for the further use of reproduced materials.

Sharing backups is available with Readers commitment Readers of materials shared with the Library regarding the stacks of information about where to obtain backups.

Diploma thesis

Bachelor's and master's thesis, as well as doctoral and postdoctoral dissertations are available in readers room after filling out the forms stuck into the thesis. The first name, last name, date and purpose of work must be provided unconditionally.

Urgent help

Short-term loans are the answer of the Library to Readers associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in emergency situations. They apply to library materials with assumptions not made available outside and remaining available only in the reading room.

Each time, the terms of the short-term loan are approved by the Head of Library, and it applies for a maximum of two titles can be borrowed in the last hour of work of the library till 10:00 on the next working day.

Order the book

All readers are invited to submit proposals to supplement the collection with titles not yet available.

We are waiting for your proposals: