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Sewing Studio

Opening hours:

- without technical support available to all faculties – after completing the reservation card


Terms of Use:

  • Studio users are required to familiarize themselves with the principles of health and safety at work and the proper use the equipment available in the workshop (…)
  • Each user should sign a statement that he/she has read the regulations;
  • The work plan and expectations should be discussed in advance with the studio's supervisor;
  • The Studio can be used by students under the supervision of a lecturer who will complete the card in advance (Booking Card) and obtain the Vice-Rector's approval. The date of using the studio should be agreed at least 7 days before starting work with the studio's supervisor;
  • Users can use the equipment that is in the studio, they must ensure the materials necessary to implement projects (fabrics, threads);
  • Studio participants are obliged to maintain tidiness in the studio;
  • The studio's users are responsible for damages caused intentionally on the property of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. The damages may be the basis for claiming compensation from the users of the Studio, who do not comply with the regulations and the instructions for using machines and accessories located on its premises.

Reservation form – download

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