Recruitment 2023

Faculties Deans

Deans of the Faculty of Architecture and Design

prof. Tadeusz Pietrzkiewicz

Vice-Dean for Interior Architecture Specialization
prof. ASP dr hab. Anna Wejkowska-Lipska

Vice-Dean for Design Specialization
dr Jakub Gołębiewski

Vice-Dean for Architecture of Cultural Spaces Specialization
dr Rafał Setlak

Deputy of the Vice-Deans for Students Affairs
dr Paweł Czarzasty

Deans of the Faculty of Graphic Arts

Prof. Sławomir Witkowski

Vice-Dean for Graphic Specialization
Dr Łukasz Butowski

Deans of the Painting Faculty

prof. ASP dr hab. Jacek Kornacki

Vice-Dean for Painting Faculty
prof. ASP dr hab. Marek Wrzesiński

Deans of Sculpture and Intermedia Faculty

prof. Robert Kaja

Vice-Dean for Sculpture Specialization
prof. ASP dr hab. Adriana Majdzińska

Vice-Dean for Intermedia Specialization
dr Anna Leśniak

Doctoral School

Head of the Doctoral School
Prof. Robert Florczak

Department of History and Theory of Art

Head of the Department of History and Theory of Art
prof. ASP dr hab. Bogna Łakomska