Recruitment 2024

Promotion Office of the ASP

The mission of the Promotion Office of ASP in Gdańsk is to ensure a positive image of the Academy, both in the real and virtual world, direct internal and external communication as well as building the brand of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.

Our main goal is to generate a clear and consistent message. To carry out all promotional and exhibition activities, we have in mind both respect for the tradition of over seventy years of the Academy's history, as well as the need to implement modern, unconventional solutions.

Our responsibilities include organizational, promotional support of various types of events (including exhibitions, workshops, lectures), creating and editing the content of promotional publications, the Academy website and social media, establishing and maintaining contacts with media representatives. Together with by academy and faculty coordinators and volunteers, we organize events and celebrations relevant The Esteemed Graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts, the Night of Museums.

We are in charge of the Copyright to the graphic symbol of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and the Armory of Art. We are responsible for the visual side of employees' stamps and business cards. Based on the established principles, we provide support of photographic service during events and celebrations.