Recruitment 2024

Figuration/Object Drawing Studio

Head of the studio:

prof. Anna Królikiewicz

Assistants: dr Magdalena Pela and mgr Tomasz Kucharski


“In Drawing Studio 4, I have no prophetic message for anyone, because I do not consider myself wiser than others, but one that, because of my age, has been able to cover – sometimes successfully – more paper with drawings than those younger than myself. Therefore, Drawing Studio 4 is a studio open to the various artistic attitudes of students and their separate ideas for their own development.

The foundation of the studio’s programme is the possibility of working with a model, confronting the drawer with an arranged space or created situation and with the experience gained in previous years within the classically understood discipline.

What matters to me is the processes, what happens in the studio at the experimental level, where the risk is involved, if only for technical reasons, and where nothing is certain. The teaching method, if I have one, is to encourage the students to get out of their safety zones, knock out the acquired skills from the previously complimented territory: for I firmly believe that every success is the result of a previous failure that has been deeply understood and that it is not born on the infertile soil of comfort. That is why it is necessary to test different solutions, to practice often and quickly, because potential mistakes are to appear often and quickly. In Drawing Studio 4, more important than a spectacular final exhibition will be the experience, without which I cannot imagine that it would be possible to develop one’s own character of art.

I use traditional methods and I don’t see a more noble struggle than the rasp of black coal over the rough white of paper, and with this thought I want to infect the studio, making use of the wealth of experiences that students have gained from other places – from design and intermedia to painting and graphics. I believe in pencil, ink and gesture, just as I believe in proclaiming the meaning of a cartoon type of expression in front of the harsh and ruthless listener that is the young man. Before him too, including assistants Marcin Zawicki and Anna Reinert, once a semester in a private studio I present how much I have done recently, what I have read, where and how I have arranged the finished exhibition, and where my own doubts are located in a darker zone. I also believe in transferring my passion by osmosis and not just by an infallible ex cathedra lecture, because I do believe myself infallible either.

– prof. Anna Królikiewicz


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