Recruitment 2023

Visual Communication Studio, second-cycle studies

Head of the studio:
prof. ASP dr hab. Jacek Miler

prof. ASP dr hab. Maciej Dojlitko


Classes at the studio last three semesters of second-cycle Design studies. The studio allows the students to complete a Master’s degree in Design.

The Studio of Visual Communication offers students basic tools in the area of comprehensive visual identity, typographic issues, animation, packaging design, design forms closely related to product promotion, spatial orientation and architectural issues.

It conducts tasks on the basis of cooperation with external entities, such as the Medical University of Gdańsk, Gdansk Zoo, Marshal’s Office, Financial Institutions, advertising agencies.

Experience gained during the work on such topics give the students the feeling of facing a real design problem, looking for answers to the needs of a real client.

The realisation of individual topics is an important element building the portfolio of future designers, and their designs are often implemented.