Recruitment 2023

Basics of Visual Communication Studio, first-cycle studies

Head of the studio:
prof. ASP dr hab. Jacek Miler

prof. ASP dr hab. Maciej Dojlitko


The classes at the studio last for two semesters of the third year of the first-cycle programme in Design. The studio allows the students to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Design. The programme of the studio consists of three blocks of issues, which the students will become familiar with in subsequent semesters.

Graphic design is an important element of the course in Design. The classes at the aim at shaping artistic awareness, developing creative thinking, learning about the various technical possibilities, means of expression and their selection depending on the objectives of the graphic message.

The two-semester training process is conducted in the form of short lectures and exercises. Special emphasis is placed on typographic issues and the application of typography in various media and materials. Constant enrichment of the ways of expression and articulation is achieved by increasing difficulty of tasks and exercises.