Recruitment 2023

Basics of Naval Architecture, first-cycle studies

Head of the studio:
dr Paweł Gełesz

mgr Krzysztof Bochra


The history of watercraft architecture design dates back to 1958, when Professor Adam Haupt founded the Studio of Naval Interior and Industrial Forms Design. To this day, nearly 120 designers have defended their diploma projects, and the specialisation itself has been given the customary name: Ships.

Ships are located on the border of industrial design, architecture and engineering. Therefore, in addition to purely design skills, the designer must have basic knowledge of how ships are built. He should also be characterised by certain discipline and be careful when making design decisions. These design skills allow designers to interfere with the entire functional structure of a ship. This allows them to break existing functional or aesthetic patterns and become fully-fledged contributors to the design of the ship. The basic didactic goal of the studio is to make students aware of and familiarise them with this unique role of a designer.

Ships offer a wide range of design challenges: from conceptual floating houses, through typically stylistic creations of yachts, their details, functional ferry interiors, to complex spatial structures of entire vessels.