Recruitment 2024

Serial Furniture Design Studio, first-cycle studies

Head of the studio:
prof. ASP dr hab. Marek Jóźwicki

dr Anna Wachowicz


In the Serial Furniture Design Studio we study furniture issues related to industrial production, but also issues leading to unique solutions. Contacts developed with local furniture manufacturers give us the possibility of practical verification of studio solutions and allow us to understand the sense of created design documentation: drawings and models, as a form of communication with the recipient – contractor and user.

We focus on the notion of usability as a driver for innovation; we use ergonomic studies and anthropometric analyses, anthropological meetings and sociological observations to interpret the essence of furniture. We understand design as the ability to find interdependencies between form and function, structure and construction, technology and economy, with full acceptance of experimentation. We teach to articulate concepts and design intentions freely, and to use the language of design communication. We prepare students for independent design work and through participation in exhibitions and fairs we position their achievements.

The studio draws on the teaching experience of Professor Edmund Homa, a furniture designer and long-standing professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Design.