Recruitment 2023

Product Design Studio, first-cycle studies

Head of the studio:
prof. Jarosław Szymański

dr Jacek Ryń


Students of the studio acquire knowledge and develop skills in product design, in which the design itself, and thus the work of the designer, is one of the elements that make up the implementation of the solution and its market or social success. We try to work in real material, on a scale of 1:1, for a specific customer. By cooperating with potential manufacturers, we become humble, we realise that design is one of the components of a complex process in which the designer is an important but not the only element. The experience gained in the studio gives the graduates a good basis for cooperation with the industry. However, it is not always the graduates of design faculties who want and are able to work in the rigours of a free-market game in which profit is the only criterion. Not all areas of designers’ activities are in the sphere of interest of business and state institutions. To those who do not want to bang their heads (and their projects) against the wall of concrete molochs, we show that it is possible to design, implement and distribute solutions for a specific group of recipients on their own. Thanks to new technologies and communication possibilities, the designer can control the whole process – from the idea and recognition of a need to the solution and distribution. In addition, the author can look in the mirror with a clear conscience, because nobody forces him to design another supersonic toaster. We take up topics from the areas where design and art meet. We realise that the attitude of a “lonely sailor” gives a sense of freedom, but also requires special involvement and full responsibility for one’s decisions.



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