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Department of Design Methodology and Basics

Head of the Department: prof. ASP dr hab. Piotr Mikołajczak


The aim of the Department of Design Methodology and Basics is to create a coherent programme which prepares students for successive stages of study and stimulates their creative self-development.

During the first semesters, in addition to completing the main programme of the Design Methodology and Basics Studio, students master skills and knowledge within the specifics of individual subjects. These include: Scientific Basics of Design, Presentation Techniques, Computer-Aided Design Basics, Photography and Image Editing, Knowledge of Colour and Composition and Modelling Basics.

All subjects within the Department of Design Methodology and Basics are subject to programme coordination and consultation with the Head of the Department. An important assumption, however, is that a considerable margin is left for individual teaching concepts of the lecturers of individual courses.

The effects of the students' and teachers' work are presented during public reviews at the end of each semester.

One of the important research tasks of the Department is to organise all-Poland symposia for didacticians dealing with the methodology of teaching design basics. These symposia foster the exchange of knowledge and raise the academic level of the unit.

In addition to research symposia, the Department organises open-air design workshops for first-year design students. These workshops enrich the experience of the students, who carry out the design process in unusual, open-air conditions, complementing the knowledge gained during classes in the studios.

Design Methodology and Basics Studio

Head of the studio: prof. ASP dr hab. Piotr Mikołajczak
Assistant: mgr Adrian Leszczuk
Assistant: mgr Mirosław Rekowski



Photography and Image Editing
Teacher: lecturer, mgr inż. Dariusz Dyr

Scientific Basics of Design
Ergonomics Basics
Teacher: Assistant Professor, dr Jakub Gołębiewski

Computer-Aided Design Basics
Teacher: mgr Patrycja Kruk

Modelling Basics
Teacher: instructor, mgr Rafał Rzeczkowski

Presentation Techniques
Teacher: assistant, mgr Agata Janiszewska

Knowledge of Colour
Teacher: assistant, mgr Monika Jenowein-Patyczek