Recruitment 2023

Experimental Design Studio, first-cycle studies

Head of the studio:
prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski

mgr Ivona Haurash


The point of reference for our Studio are contemporary applied arts, in which, parallel to the systemic, utilitarian and functional aspects, authorial, unique and contextual strategies are also justified. Trying to observe the socio-cultural processes carefully and often critically, we consistently deal with the real, material, “analogue” reality in close relation to what is “here and now”. We are not afraid of ambiguously interpreted terms: “styling”, “lifestyle”, “fashion”, and we are even convinced that the habit of constantly updating ephemeral and change-sensitive development and stylistic trends and the ability to individualise them is an effective tool of the contemporary designer’s work and a source of his competitive advantage. In our work (both professional and didactic) we try not to create dysfunctional patterns of action and avoid routine, simple answers to complex issues or zero-one solutions: “good / bad”. While searching for our own development paths, we try to derive strategies of action from an analysis of the situation, and not from an analysis of the competition. We require independence and a willingness to take risks without considering all pros and cons in a risk-averse manner. The final effect of each task is a three-dimensional prototype taking into account the process of its implementation into limited or serial production, and an important stage of education: modern technology, respect for material, perfection of workmanship, attention to detail and recognisable, original design. We attach great importance to marketing analyses and the need to precisely define the target addressee of our own creative and design activities, even if their design interpretation is not always an object that can be discounted in commercial terms. An important cognitive tool is trendhunting – a method of systematising and constantly updating economic statistics, the psychology of consumer behaviour and contemporary humanities, whose proper understanding allows the operational use of the mechanisms of creation, spread and evolution of stylistic trends – both global and local. The starting point for semester tasks is never the product itself, but the associations, reactions and interactions that are related to it at the sender – recipient, producer – consumer interface. An important distinguishing feature of the Studio is its uncompromising care for the quality parameter, aesthetics of solutions as well as image and advertising aspects.