Recruitment 2023

Department of Product Design

Head of the Department of Product Design: dr Jacek Ryń


With the increasing dominance of services over industry, solutions over products, welfare over prosperity, we face the challenge of anticipating, describing and analysing the future and the need to redefine once again the design paradigm. In the contemporary understanding of design, the shift of focus from object to process, from use to experience, from transaction to relationship, from individual to community is evident. These changes make the expectations for the education of a designer constantly evolve. The competences allowing graduates of our faculty to participate in integrated design – based on knowledge from different fields, taking into account different contexts – become more important than ever. The key to success is empathy and looking at the reality around us from different perspectives.

The development of knowledge and skills necessary for teamwork should not contradict the attributes characteristic for graduates of design faculties. Uncompromising, critical view of reality and the ability to think divergently have always been their strong points. Therefore, in the area of the Department’s interests, apart from product-oriented projects, there are also experimental projects, aimed at exploring hitherto unknown areas and looking for solutions not only in areas related to art.

prof. Jarosław Szymański


Studio of Product Design

Head of the studio: prof. Jarosław Szymański

Assistant: dr Jacek Ryń


Studio of Experimental Design

Head of the studio: prof. Sławomir Fijałkowski

Assistant: prof. ASP dr hab. Marta Flisykowska


Studio of Visual Communication

Head of the studio: prof. ASP dr hab. Jacek Miler

Assistant: prof. ASP dr hab. Maciej Dojlitko


Sculptural Forms

Head of the studio: dr Marta Hryc


Project Management

Head of the studio: dr Jacek Ryń



mgr Bartosz Jaroszek