Recruitment 2023

Industrial Product Design Studio, first-cycle studies

Head of the studio:
prof. ASP dr hab. Bogumiła Jóźwicka

mgr Magdalena Nowak


The programme of the Studio of Industrial Product Design has evolved over the 30 years of its operation under different names, taking into account the changes taking place in the represented discipline, which is still the design arts, and in all disciplines related to and supporting design.

The didactic goal of the studio is to prepare students for independent and responsible design of objects, structures and systems, understood as products (produced in series, available in the markets, as part of marketing activities). The ability to work in a team is also an extremely important element.

The slogan of the curriculum and the studio is the statement: it is not a product, but the human being that is the goal, as expressed by the leading lecturer of the “Bauhaus”, Moholy Nagy, at the beginning of modern design. All the activities carried out in the studio result from this approach to design.

The choice of topics, the hierarchy of goals and the way of working draw on a model of deeply humanistic design that focuses primarily on new values and not only on new objects.

The didactic process, in addition to familiarising students with design techniques and passing on the necessary knowledge – which is the basis for the first independent steps in the chosen profession – concerns the responsibility of design activities, taking into account both the time factor determining the profession and the need to cope with failures, as well as the optimisation of the designer’s activities, by balancing the mutual relations: form, function and technology.

Since 2020, the two most important aspects of the course: opening up to social problems and the issues of the process of new product implementation have taken on a separate form and are being conducted separately: the Module for the Implementation of Design Projects – by Professor Marek Adamczewski, and the Social Design Studio – by Dr Bogumiła Jóźwicka.