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Faculty of Architecture

Dean: prof. Tadeusz Pietrzkiewicz

Vice-Dean for the course in Interior Design: prof. ASP dr hab. Anna Wejkowska-Lipska

Vice-Dean for the course in Architecture of Cultural Spaces: prof. ASP dr hab. Marta Branicka


phone number: 58 301 28 01 ext. 71


Interior Design / Architecture of Cultural Spaces

Course in Interior Design

Interior design is not only a profession, but above all a way of life for people who imagine the world around them different from what it is now and want to look for a better formula. Interior design excludes boredom and forces people to be creative.

Interior design focuses on creating places that serve people. It is a field of art that takes a continuous and direct part in everyday life. The interior designer becomes a kind of co-author of our life form. This fact gives rise to hope for self-fulfilment, but it also encourages prudence. The course in Interior Design prepares for these fascinating but also responsible tasks.

Course in Architecture of Cultural Spaces

A course of study in the field of applied arts, which deals with the science of designing a particular type of space, characterised by the accumulation of goods and values of cultural heritage and contemporary culture. This interdisciplinary, innovative programme of studies presents the idea of a comprehensive understanding of the profession of artist and designer. While studying Architecture of Cultural Spaces, we learn to combine unconventional design activities in the area of cultural spaces, developing design tasks in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, interior design and applied arts. The design skills gained are supported by learning to draw by hand, paint and shape spatial and sculptural forms. The course programme includes the study of universal design record, mock-ups, 3D computer modelling of space and photography.