Recruitment 2023

Architecture of Cultural Spaces

Vice-Dean for the course in Architecture of Cultural Spaces: dr inż. arch. Marek Barański

Head of the Department of Architecture of Cultural Spaces: prof. ASP dr hab. Jan Sikora


We are the youngest of the three departments at the Faculty of Architecture and Design. We were established in 2014 on the initiative of Professor Andrzej Pniewski, based on the artistic traditions of our university and meeting the contemporary trends in research, protection and shaping of landscapes and cultural spaces, especially cultural spaces of cities. Acting in the field of visual arts and design, we simultaneously reach out to other related areas such as: architecture and urban planning, landscape architecture, and revitalisation, ensuring the comprehensive nature of the study programme. As a result, we educate in the field of ArchiCulture – a culture of sensitive design at the base of which we place man, environment, local identity of the place and applied art, never forgetting about mutual respect and dialogue. We implement an innovative programme for which we do not find a direct equivalent in other related fields and universities in Poland. In 2020, our course, or more precisely our second-cycle studies, obtained a certificate of “studies with a future” in a competition and accreditation programme organised by the Foundation for the Development of Education and Higher Education.


We understand the architecture of cultural spaces as the art of reading the context and acting creatively within it; the art of being inscribed in time, place and culture; the art of complementing and enhancing the local identity traits of spaces by skilfully adding further, contemporary values to them. Our goal is to design comprehensively, covering issues from detail, individual buildings, complexes of buildings, urban interiors, parks, all the way to the urban scale. We meet the demand for artist-designers of urban spaces and the expectations to see more content in art.