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Welcome to Poland

The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk received grant in the program "Increasing the competences of academic staff and the institution's potential in potential to receive people – Welcome to Poland", organized by the National Agency for Academic Exchange. The amount of the awarded funds is PLN 425,440.00


The purpose of the project is to support the institutional capacity of Polish universities by increasing competencies of the academic staff and the institutions’ potential to receive people from abroad, preparing places dedicated to serving students and foreign staff in organisational terms, and developing activities related to internationalisation at home. The key activity will also be shaping the attitudes of openness and tolerance in the academic and social environment of a university.

Language courses, study visits, bilingual academy marking are only some of the tasks that will be carried out under the "Going International" project.


The International Relations Office is opened to the organization or co-organization of other events aimed at the internationalization of the academy. Proposals for such projects can be submitted by e-mail: or in person at the office, room 111.



International Relations Office, room 111
Hanna Świętnicka
Aleksandra Paciorkiewicz
Paulina Tomczyk
phone: 58 320 12 80


The programme is co-financed from the European Social Fund under the Operational Program Knowledge Education Development, a non-competition project entitled ‘Increasing competencies of the academic staff and the institutions’ potential to receive people from abroad – Welcome to Poland’ implemented as part of the Activity specified in the application for co-financing of the project no. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN 14/18.