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The major in Sculpture is particularly dedicated to people sensitive to the shape and form of surrounding reality. We deeply believe in the power and timeliness of that discipline of art, which has been inspiring, dynamic and expanding its limits for many centuries now. The major in Sculpture will help students fully express their individual approach to the world and to art.
The Intermedia major is dedicated for people interested in the broad context of visual arts, especially the combination of media, new narration models, DIY (Do It Yourself) and DIWO (Do It With Others) activities, activities on the verge of photography, video, installation, performance and new media.

Studies at the Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia are a fascinating time of struggling with form and space, which at the same time provides an opportunity for comprehensive development and shaping one’s own creative personality. Through the act of sculpting, the students learn to interpret space and translate visual phenomena into the language of art. They become more open-minded, discover new values and meanings, and their creative activities are characterized by increasing intentionality. As a consequence of the development of new technologies and their expansion into the area of culture and art, in the contemporary world there is a need for education in these fields as well. For this reason, the students of Intermedia – the second major at our Faculty – learn to construct artistic statements that combine numerous techniques, media, and procedures and are coherent in terms of form and content. Learning the ropes of photography, animation, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, digital technologies, space design and organization, performance, and audio fundamentals under the supervision of the most distinguished specialists equips the students of art with knowledge and abilities indispensable to formulate artistic statements drawing on various sources. Graduates of our Faculty achieve national and international success, they also frequently engage in didactic work. They are characterized by extraordinary creativity and determination in pursuing set objectives. Because of their individual advantages enhanced by the ability to work in a team, after graduation they make successful careers working in or managing authorial teams. They are present in the public space, shaping it, designing installations, monuments, or sculptural decorations. They animate local communities and open them up to art.


Faculty’s structure and courses

Sculpture – long-cycle studies

Why would you study sculpture? Is this a skill still necessary for anything? Well, sculpture is not only a specific range of manual, technical skills, often closed up by the artistic concept of techne. Sculpture is a state of mind that allows to read a form of a surrounding world, catch a charm, a universal beauty but also an ugliness or even crudeness. All of it allows to understand the rules of forming a matter in general with a special emphasis on human physics. Sculpture is a skill to recount and materialize observed phenomenon of nature and process them in an individual message. In one word sculpture in a relation to other activities in space, such us architecture, design, scenography, can be compared to what mathematics are for science or poetry for humanities. It allows to see an environment not as a group of objects but as manifestation of forms with all abstract aspects of cognition (proportion, composition, structure) phenomenon such as mass, light, dynamics. Sculpture as no other discipline combines work in different materials (such as wood, stone, metal, clay, plastic materials) with a self-development and gaining an understanding of nature of objects through working on their materiality. Therefore, studying sculpture gives a unique opportunity to gain skills in shaping forms and conscious perception of space. We guarantee that your skills developed in that way will allow you to see more and deeper, and only this by itself is a priceless value for future, no matter how it will be.

Course in sculpture, as no other, is dedicated to people sensitive to shapes and forms of surrounding reality. Artistic education in sculpture characterizes with a faith in strength and actuality of this discipline of art that sculpture is – inspiring since centuries, dynamic and still broadening its borders. Studies on sculpture will allow you to remarkably fully express your individual approach to world and art. Graduates of our course artistically succeed in Poland and abroad, some of them work at the Academy and other higher education institution of similar profile. Our students and graduates always characterize with unusual creativity and remarkable ways of solving tasks and determination in accomplishing settled goals. All individual advantages enriched by team working skills, which especially characterize students of our course, render our graduates to successfully lead or work with independent creative teams and also individually reach for the highest artistic aims.

Intermedia – first and second-cycle studies

Studying the course of intermedia is for people who are interested in the broad spectrum of the context of visual arts, and especially in combining media, new ways of narrations, DIY (Do It Yourself) and DIWO (Do It With Others) activities, from the borders of photography, videos, installations, performances and new media.

Intermedia course is one of the few leading artistic courses nation-wide, which not only offers a high quality of art education lead by professionals and recognized artists but also in their personalities it pursues an aim of shaping next generation of artists, innovators, managers and simply educated people with minds open to the world.

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