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Studies at the Faculty of Painting offer a unique atmosphere created by people united in their creative passion and the willingness to share their experience. We approach every student individually. We prepare them thoroughly for individual creative work, both in the field of easel painting using traditional technologies and in creating works based on intermedia means of expression. We offer practice at modern, comprehensively equipped studios and participation in open air painting, workshops and exhibitions.

We have been educating painters now for over 70 years. We boldly face the challenges of the contemporary art market, experimenting and combining tradition with innovation. We draw on the heritage of our masters, at the same time constantly seeking for new experiences, inspirations, and ways of expressing our own creative visions. The students of the Faculty of Painting acquire knowledge and competences not only from the area of broadly understood artistic creation, but from many other fields as well, and develop their own creative “self” – thus, they are prepared to independently create both easel paintings in traditional painting technologies and contemporary works which make use of intermedia means of expression.

Faculty members, students, and graduates of the Faculty of Painting not only engage in didactic work, but also respond to the demand for public access to culture. Carrying out the Academy’s educational mission, the experienced and highly qualified artists-pedagogues prepare numerous cultural events open for the participation of all interested. Among such activities we can list the unique workshops, exhibitions, open lectures, and conferences organized within the framework of the project The Armoury of Arts. For the youngest students of art we run “Junior AFA”, and we educate youth and adults during drawing, textile printing, fibre art, painting, and food design workshops. The Faculty organizes events appreciated by both art critics and visitors, such as exhibitions, conferences, and critical workshops. The Faculty of Painting regularly cooperates with other institutions. Our professors are among the jury members of many prestigious national painting contests. Our graduates, who thanks to their creative potential transgress the boundaries of painting and art in general, make a significant contribution into shaping the Polish and global culture.

Faculty’s structure and courses

Painting – long-cycle studies

Here you will not be anonymous. Modern educational infrastructure uses newest technological inventions and trends. Classes in our studios are a pleasure, a comfort, and broadly understood development. We offer participation in en plein-airs, workshops, and exhibition, as well as a rich study abroad scholarships offer on one of our dozens of prestigious partner universities. Who are you after graduating from our Faculty? An artist painter with great qualifications for accomplishing a career, versatile creator, who knows how to act in public spaces (murals, installations, theatre performances, performances, movies, and animations). You will be able to use gained skills when creating scenography for theatres or movies, book illustrations, designing interiors, teaching in schools and cultural institutions or working in advertising companies.

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