Recruitment 2023

Master’s studies

The aim of the second-cycle studies is to prepare our students for work as artists-designers, carried out both independently and in interdisciplinary design and expert teams. Our goal is comprehensive design, covering individual buildings, urban interiors, as well as complexes of buildings and parks. When selecting the course tasks, we pay special attention to cooperation with local governments, city institutions and non-governmental organisations. In this way, student designs are based on real-life needs and their training gains a practical dimension.

Our work is appreciated. In 2020, the course in Architecture of Cultural Spaces, or more precisely the second-cycle studies, obtained a certificate of “studies with a future” in a competition and accreditation programme organised by the Foundation for the Development of Education and Higher Education.

Second-cycle studies cover four blocks of subjects:


design-and-research block

> City Architecture Studio

> Laboratory of Research Projects

> Public Space Design Studio

> Landscape Structures Studio

> Landscape Architecture

> Revitalisation

> Urban Planning


artistic block

> Architectural and Sculptural Forms Studio

> Laboratory of Graphic Design

> Laboratory of Presentation Techniques


humanistic block

> Anthropology of Place and Things

> Laboratory of Anthropology

> Ecology

> Aesthetics

> Contemporary Art


technical block

> Construction Law


MA diplomas:

> Marcin Kasprowicz – 2015

> Marta Kozakiewicz – 2016

> Dominika Strózińska – 2017

> Paulina Gajak – 2018

> Monika Marciniak – 2018

> Joanna Pobłocka – 2018

> Paulina Borysik – 2019

> Paulina Janusz, Daria Przysiężna – 2019

> Magdalena Zając