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Bachelor’s studies

The aim of the first-cycle studies is, on the one hand, to strengthen the artistic sensitivity, spatial imagination and creativity of our students and, on the other hand, to provide them with knowledge and build up their technical skills to solve the basic challenges faced by the designer artist. We place particular emphasis on the art of reading the context and creative activity in it; the art of being inscribed in time, place and local culture.

First-cycle studies cover four blocks of subjects:

design block

> Basics and Methodology of Design

> Basics of Landscape Architecture

> Basics of Urban Planning

> Basics of Interior Architecture

> Basics of Scenography

> Basics of Spatial Composition and Furniture Design


artistic block

> Drawing and Painting

> Sculptural Structures and Forms

> Basics of Composition and Knowledge of Colour

> Basics of Presentation Techniques

> Photography and Image Editing

> Artistic Studios


humanistic block

> History of Art, Architecture and Culture

> Basics of Cultural Spaces Protection

> Cultural Anthropology


technical block

> General Construction

> Clearance Geometry and Perspective

> Basics of Modelling and Computer-Aided Design

> Prototyping


BA diplomas