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Printmaking Course of Fine Art Lithography (I & II edition)

The "Printmaking course of fine art lithography" course will be organized in a hybrid formula, combining the remotely implemented part with the stationary. 

I. Online classes are intended to present the technology process of individual graphic methods, along with a detailed explanation of technological issues and principles:
composing a graphic matrix, making printing registration marks, designing the layout of the work. 

II. Onsite classes – an intensive graphic arts course. Students will perform the work under the supervision of Phd Łukasz Butowski, the lecturer from Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.
Students' task will be to go through the complete process of technology of artistic graphics in "flat" printing. Detailed tasks will include:
  1.  Lithography: selecting and polishing a stone, preparing a drawing and making it yourself on a stone, preparing "etching" of the stone, printing of graphic prints.
  2.  Lithography on an aluminum plate (algography), preparing an aluminum plate, making a drawing, etching the aluminum plate and printing prints.
  3.  Offset. Pre-prepared (remotely) projects will be prepared for printing by students in a digital environment and thenready (previously purchased) positive offset plates will be exposed and fixed, then printed by students.
III. The practical course will be accompanied by a cultural program:
- a trip to the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdańsk Library to visit the exhibition of maps on lithographic stones and collections of old prints, presenting the achievements of the city of Gdańsk and its influence on Polish culture. It will be an element closely related to the topic of the workshop,
- 1 day trip to the castle in Malbork, the residence of the Polish Kings.

  • the course will take place in the second half of September 2022 (12-16.09.2022- online part, 19-23.09.2022 on-site part at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk)
  • the course will be free of charge,
  • the participant will receive a certificate,
  • it is possible to gain 4 ECTS points after completing this course,
  • it's both for the Erasmus+ students spending the exchange semester at our Academy and for other international students,
  • materials for the course are fully covered,
  • for interested students, we will provide accommodation for the 18th-24th of September,
Rules of application will be announced soon, students will be invited to fill in the online application in our Akademus system.
Please keep in mind that if there are more students interested in the course than available places, we will make the decision on the basis of the portfolios of the candidates.
The project "stART in Gdańsk" is implemented under the program of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange – SPINAKER – Intensive International Education Programs. The program is financed from the non-competition project no. POWR.03.03.00-00-PN16 / 18 "Supporting the institutional capacity of Polish universities through the creation and implementation of international study programs" under the Knowledge Education Development Operational Program.