Why study here?

Why would you study at our Academy?

Have you ever wondered what influence you could have on your surroundings? Or maybe, would you like to express your emotions through art? Or simply, are you a creative person, whose head is almost exploding with new ideas? If to any of the above questions you answered “YES”, it means, you have reached the right destination!

Since 70 years, the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk has a great pleasure in shaping new creators, who participate in the most important events in the areas of culture, art, and design, locally, nationally and abroad. Experienced and entitled lecturers will open to you the richness of artistic techniques, means of communication and the newest methods of design. Spacious and well-equipped studios will allow you to make your bravest visions come true. During en plein-airs, you will meet interesting people from other academies and you will have a chance to work on unusual projects. Entire knowledge and skills that you will gain, you will be able to share with international students within a framework of the scholarships of the Erasmus+ programme.

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Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk:

  • is the biggest artistic Academy in the North of Poland, with 70 years of tradition
  • employs more than 150 academic staff, with a broad experience and achievements in the area of art and design
  • is located in the main old town of historical Gdańsk in monumental buildings (the Great Armoury, the English House, the Small Armoury, the Thatch Bastille)
  • Currently at the AFA in Gdańsk studies approx. 1000 students on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, on following courses: Culture Animation, Interior Design, Photography, Artistic Graphics, Graphic Design, Intermedia, Painting, Design in Cultural Landscapes, Sculpture, Art in Public Space, Design and Architecture in Cultural Spaces
  • In December 2015th there was an opening of the Armoury of Arts, which bases on the ground floor of the Great Armoury, and in a framework of which AFA in Gdańsk presents a cultural offer of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, debates, conferences and special events. Armoury of Arts project is an expansion of cultural activities of AFA in Gdańsk.

List of the most important events, selected from the Academy’s regular events:

  • Polish Nation-wide Exhibition of Esteemed Diplomas of Academies of Fine Arts
  • International Casting Workshops
  • “Grafikam” Lettering Workshop
  • Polish Nation-wide Meeting of Design “Young man and see”
  • Night of Museums
  • Touch a Theatre

The Academy has established many working cooperation. Bilateral agreements for a student exchange are signed with more than 50 higher education institutions in Europe and Turkey. What is more, AFA in Gdańsk gives an opportunity for a student exchange also outside of Europe with institutions such as, for example, Hong Kong Design Institute and Azerbaijan National University of Culture and Art. Locally, the Academy cooperates with key cultural institutions, consulates, and entrepreneurs.


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